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The Stars

After a semester of silence and detachment, Skarlet Harmony erupts in class, profoundly moved by “The Edge of the Earth.” This poem awakens something dormant in Skarlet, a voice that has been muted for far too long. Recognizing this stirring, her professor, Ms. June, offers her an opportunity for extra credit to pass her contemplative literature course.

Skarlet was content with crafting an essay, but fate has other plans. Her former confidante, Luca, intervenes, urging her to partake in a three-day silent retreat. The retreat forces Skarlet into close quarters with Luca, and the tangled threads of their shared history start to unravel. When Skarlet finds herself isolated in a cabin, she confronts the dark recesses of her mind, haunted by grotesque visions of elongated fingers adorned with press-on nails, shattered glass, and glimpses of the Earth's very brink.


Verse, visions, and a voyage to the void: Discover what haunts Skarlet beyond the Edge of the Earth.

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