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Is it possible to be haunted by a poem?

Skarlet Harmony has an outburst in class after nearly a semester of not saying a word or engaging in the lessons in any way. The particular poem that was being read that day—“The Edge of the Earth”—really seemed to strike something inside of Skarlet, awakening a voice deep within her that had been asleep for a very long time. This is the catalyst for her professor, Ms. June, to allow her extra credit so she can pass her contemplative literature class.

Skarlet was perfectly fine with writing a paper, but her ex-best friend Luca decides to get involved and suggests that she join them in attending a three-day spiritual retreat. To make matters worse, it would be a silent retreat, and Skarlet would have to be alone in a cabin for two whole days by herself.

As the weekend begins, Skarlet is forced to interact with Luca more than she’d like to. Due to the constant contact, their past history begins to unravel in Skarlet’s mind.As the weekend continues, reality begins to blend with her descent into poetic madness, and the past and present seem to be happening all at once.

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